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Hip and progressive, fun and sophisticated, open and welcoming, Ohio’s largest and fastest growing city is shining. From entertainment to fashion, from business to shopping, Columbus’ best qualities make it a prime destination for a diverse range of visitors. Explore the Arena District, home to the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Nationwide Arena, the Hilton Columbus Downtown and an eclectic mix of restaurants, night spots and businesses. But don’t stay too long – our other vibrant and diverse neighborhoods are waiting.

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Shopping for an event site

If you’re considering Columbus as an event site and have questions about hotels, attractions, transportation, or how to submit a proposal for your event, contact Experience Columbus.

Answers about the Greater Columbus Convention Center

If you’ve scheduled an event for the Greater Columbus Convention Center and have questions about scheduling, facilities or services, you can find the answers here.

Help with your sporting event

If you’ve scheduled a sporting event in Columbus, the Greater Columbus Sports Commission can provide additional information about sports facilities, hotels, transportation and area attractions. It can also help you promote your event.