Urban Landscape #127

By: Kojo Kamau

I am from the old school where we were taught photographers paint with light. Today photographers can also paint with pixels. Combining traditional techniques with new computer technology allows me to create images never dreamed of before. Prior to purchasing a digital camera, I scanned my slides or negatives with a Hewlett Packard photo scanner and enhanced or manipulated the images in Photoshop 4. I now use a Nikon digital camera, an upgraded version of Photoshop, and an Epson Printer with archival paper.-Photography allows me the opportunity to communicate with the world. I have been fortunate to have enjoyed the fruits of photography for over fifty years and I have always been interested in sharing my artwork with the community. During the past twenty years, I have seriously been working with digital photography, which has changed the way photographers approach the medium the same as the 35mm camera did some 50 years ago.-History is important to me and I often incorporate it in my photographs. We must not forget the lessons learned from history. Lifestyles from around the world and understanding different cultures have always fascinated me. “Lifestyles of the African Diaspora” is an ongoing project of mine, not of travel photographs, but of photographs depicting the similarities of lifestyles in America and the world. Educating, dispelling myths and enlightening people through photography as an art form has always been my interest.

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