By: Children’s House Joseph Montessori School

Language is expression of the spirit of man. It is the most important and powerful of the human tendencies. Language is a creation of man – not an instinct. The power of communication has an act of agreement that certain symbols have certain sounds. In the classroom we give the child keys and he will read and write. But first the child must be interested in sounds before introducing the graphic symbols and to insure this interest we expose the child to conversations, poems, stories, etc. Later, we show him the symbols for those sounds with sandpaper letters and from there he begins to build words with the movable alphabet. Assistance in the overall development of the child will insure the development of language. The Language area includes also what we call “keys to the cultural subjects,” because once the child is versatile in the use of all the above skills, he possesses the necessary tools to explore the world of knowledge. So we include Botany, Zoology, Geography, Art, and Music to expose children to the world and enable them to appreciate the importance and the beauty of nature, the diversity of people and their cultures.

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