Spring 1101

Hilton Downtown

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Ellen O’Connell Bazzoli

For the past ten years I have been painting with encaustic paint. a material that has a rich tactile sense. It is a hot liquid medium that does not dry but cools. To me it seems always on the edge of becoming fluid again. It is this edge that I wanted to explore in this body of work. Each of these paintings is like a snap shot a moment still.-A large part of the process is building up the painting and then erasing it with either a blow torch or an ordinary household iron. Pushing and pulling the paint until finally it is allowed to cool. Fixed, frozen a moment suspended. It is a process that does not allow me to predict the final image. It is a project that is set up with a selection of colors and then adapts as the reconfiguring proceeds. It is a process of structuring and a letting go at the same time.

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