By: Andrew Lidgus

Andrew Lidgus has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Music with a major in piano performance, from loyola university in Chicago.n the visual arts his works have been exhibited in Europe and the united states. His works reside in numerous private and corporate collections. He lived in Granville, Ohio where he owned an art gallery and studio from 2000-2003. The 15-foot “totem” sculpture, In Dreams Again, was unveiled May 5, 2005 at Poplar Plaza, Columbus, Ohio and 21-foot mosaic sculpture at the Wyndham Hotel, Florida, titled Where Dreams Begin was dedicated in the fall of 2013.


Symbols appear throughout our lives, consciously and subconsciously, in our daily contacts with the human and natural worlds. They speak to us and inspire us with a sophisticated and universal language-a language that can be simple and complex. From antiquity to modern society symbols identify and illustrate our human condition. The beauty of humanity is that we allow each of us to uniquely interpret and freely express our personal and universal experiences.

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