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Trevor Boyle

Engaged in a career of film, painting, & photography for many years, I realized, my foundation is grounded in architecture. It is ingrained in me. My approach to all aspects of film, painting, and photography start with the basic elements of patience, preparation, and production. As in any art you need patience in order to truly understand the context, preparation in order to establish a viable plan, and thorough execution to ensure a worthy finished product. In film, the structure of the story and camera frame must do more than coexist, they must work as one. The rhythm and tone of the edit must heighten the dramatic effects.

Inside the paradigms of analysis, form, and order is where I found the picture and image. A series of photographs of a subject from different vantage points disrupts a “normal” condition. The condition, when reassembled, depicts the subject in a reinvented ‘normality’. It’s dramatic and intense or rarefied and romantic. This is cinematic architecture. The exercise, when repeated, delivers a minefield of subtle shifts between perspective and personality. These delicate shifts create and define context, space, and program. There is closeness here between environment and the technology, the landscape and typology, the subject and the frame. These command action. Metal is just metal until we put it to use.

In my discovery of film, painting, and photography I found an opportunity to let go and appreciate architecture as a profound influence. Painting and photography are two sides of my personality, while my body is a vehicle of architecture. Painting is a charge, waking a canvas to life. Photography is technical and calculated. Yet, when commanded by architecture, the paint stratifies into a highly developed field and the photograph captures and captivates light and time. The two juxtaposed, by approach and effect, are woven together. Each discipline shapes a place, elicits a response, and defines an atmosphere. It’s the response that defines the architecture. It is this response I strive to achieve in my work.

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