Contemporary Stories

By: Randy Jones

A Columbus native, Randy Jones received a B.F.A. from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 1982. He has participated in several wonderful galleries in Ohio, and his work was shown by Eovia Inc. at the Apple Computer Expo in Paris, France. He has been a digital artist for twenty years.

My digital paintings reflect what I respond to. There is joy in the arrangement of design elements and colors within a composition. And there is beauty of shape and form. Familiar, comfortable objects like fruit or books express the moment, but also become something timeless – frozen forever in the picture. Things I respond to – memories of places I grew up with and visited in Columbus. It is awareness of response: what do books on a shelf become for us? Symbols, memories, feelings. Together with the highest level of my ability the still-life objects in this image make this work meaningful.

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