Grid Tower Ikebana

By: Michael Jones

I have been making functional ceramics full time since 1991, working on all phases of production myself. My current line is primarily functional, thereby offering people ongoing opportunities to integrate my work into their daily lives. The studio is equipped for a wide range of hand techniques-wheel throwing, slab construction and molded ware.-From the many types of possibilities in ceramics, I have chosen to produce stoneware (firing it to temperatures of 2300°F) for its all around toughness. Much of this work has seen regular service in restaurants where it has proven its durability. While my ware is not recommended for cooking on the stovetop, or in the oven, it is food safe and fine in the dishwasher.-Using a gas-fueled kiln, I am able to alter the fuel-air ratios to influence the color and tone of my glazes. With this approach, a variety of quiet subtleties of color and texture are developed. There are subsequent variations in glaze tone and color which are an integral aspect of the aesthetics of this work.

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