Putting Baby to Bed

By: Juliellen Byrne

As I work I am always aware that my objectivity is a foundation of shifting plates. I work combining the familiar and the strange into sculptures that are like fables without language.

An artist freedom to express is such that we cloak our motivations into something separate from ourselves, an object. This stands alone long after our artistic, social, political and intellectual causes to action have changed.

The creation of my work is physical, emotion, and full of “aha”s. My work is always narrative, mostly without out words and often without titles. My interest in the figure continues and I am still motivated by the emotions of vulnerability, isolation, anger, and confounded resignation .

I see in current work as well as in older sculptures how dreams, secrets, and the experiences of of others informs everything that I make.

The work SHIFT, created for the Convention Center in Columbus Ohio is a kind of ” changing places” story. I have come think of aging as performance of changing places. This process can feel like a blindfolded dance, to a kind of song called “Be Ready”. Who wants to focus on this stuff- not me, so I am always bumped in the head with the surprises that this life journey presents.


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