Blue Vest

By: Michael Stillion

In all my paintings and collages my subjects seem to hold no fixed place. They are in a constant state of coming together and falling apart all in one painting. My works are inspired by old master paintings of portraiture such as Rembrandt, Van Eyke, Dürer, Caravaggio, among others and ceremonial dress worn by tribal medicine men, such as bear and wolf hides. Using these artists and the tribal dress as a reference I begin intuitively compiling imagery out of everyday objects such as patterned sheets, rugs, sticks, jackets, taxidermied animals, socks and shoes all composed in a lifelike manner. Both my motive and purpose is to create a portrait without using the figure. I want these inanimate objects to take on their own personality. The paintings and collages are brightly colored and playful which makes them inviting and familiar while at the same time the work gives a feeling of being otherworldly and nervous. I am in continuous pursuit of finding a certain balance of mystery and magic in all my work.

Hilton Downtown

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