By: Christie Foxworthy

A good friend of mine-a writer-once said that artists and writers have the same goal: to tell a compelling story. My story only began a short time ago. As a career woman, wife, and mother of two teenage girls, my world never stops. A couple of years ago, I began creating art as a way to unwind. I found it meditative and relaxing. I never thought of myself as an artist, but each time I put my thoughts to paper, confidence in my own abilities grew. Before long, I was inseparable from my sketch journal. One piece led to two, two to three, and so on. As time went by, I slowly discovered and zeroed in on a purpose for my art: a story, if you will. Most women will tell you that, not only does our world never stop; it changes from day-to-day and is in constant motion. This truth became the focus of my work. This focus allows me create art that reflects my interpretation of the moment, as opposed to any one subject. Instead of creating tangible objects or people in everyday life, my work is abstract. Sometimes a piece is dark, with sharp lines. Other times, the lines are light and flowing, with soft curves. I rarely have a plan when I start a piece. I simply put pen to paper, and let the lines flow where they may. Using only ink, paper, and the occasional straight edge, I create works that may appear to be a simple contrast of black ink on white paper. But when I step back and take in a finished piece, I find that every line or shape I produce allows the contrast to work together, revealing a beautiful and compelling story. My desire is that every person who observes my drawings is able to dream and see something different than the person next to them. Something they can relate to on an individual level. Something that is important to them. Something that helps them discover that in an ever-changing world, there exists hope and endless possibilities.

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