July 8, 2021

Take a drone’s-eye view of the Greater Columbus Convention Center

Designed by internationally recognized architect Peter Eisenman and assisted by renowned local architect Richard Trott, the Greater Columbus Convention Center is a regional heavyweight, offering more than 370,000 contiguous square feet of exhibition space and attracting millions of visitors each year.

As the winner of multiple Prime Site and Inner Circle awards, the Greater Columbus Convention Center has more than 1.8 million stunning square feet of space offering a combination of settings that are perfect for events of all sizes. The Convention Center’s Battelle Grand Ballroom is the largest multipurpose ballroom in Ohio, with approximately 50,000 square feet on its main floor and an additional 24,000 square feet on the mezzanine level. A major expansion completed in 2017 resulted in the addition of almost 95,000 square feet of space at the Convention Center.

While the meeting facilities are world-class, so is the art. The Greater Columbus Convention Center houses the largest art collection, including established and emerging local artists, of any convention center in the U.S. The one-of-a kind “As We Are” in the North Atrium gives visitors the opportunity to take a selfie inside a self-contained photo booth, which then projects the 3D image via thousands of LED lights onto the 14-foot-tall giant head.

Now, you can tour this downtown jewel from the comfort of your chair. Take a drone’s-eye fly through by clicking here — then come visit us for real. Admission is free.


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