February 27, 2020

Calls for Art Result in Overwhelming Artist Response

The new Hilton Columbus Downtown tower won’t open until 2022, but hundreds of local artists already are vying to be represented on its walls and in its halls.

A call for art through the Greater Columbus Arts Council resulted in some 500 submissions by contemporary artists, says James Reese of Reese Brothers Productions, the curator of Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority’s extensive art collection.

“This was a tremendous response from artists to the call for art,” Reese says. “The number of submissions is double the number received for the existing Hilton before it opened in 2012.”

That makes the selection process even more difficult, Reese says, as the art selection committee works to narrow the number to a final 200 pieces of artwork. 

While the selection schedule is not set in stone, artists who don’t advance to final consideration will likely be notified in March; those who make the cut will likely be notified in April.

The Hilton art selection committee consists of Loann Crane, Barbara Fant, Nannette Maciejunes, Peg Mativi, Bryan Moss, Barbara Nicholson and Michael Reese.

Meanwhile, the selection process for the Convention Facilities Authority’s Second Annual Creative Video, Animation and Motion Graphic Design Festival also is underway. The Authority received more than 1,500 entries.

The festival provides Columbus’ video, animation and graphic artists with a rare opportunity to showcase their works publicly. Entrants were invited to submit video, animation and/or graphic design content compatible with the Greater Columbus Convention Center’s 60-foot-wide, 7-foot-high LED video wall – an uncommon 9:1 ratio.

Reese says the selection committee for that contest will narrow the list to 50 for final judging and awards.

While no date has been confirmed to showcase the winners, they will share a bigger pot of award money compared to last year, Reese says, as the Convention Facilities Authority has increased the amount to $10,000 from 2019’s $5,000.

“We’re still deciding how to spread as much love as possible,” he said.

The video festival selection committee consists of Charlotte Belland, Beth Menduni, Aaron Petten, Jim Reese, Matt Swift and Nicolette Swift. 

The Convention Facilities Authority, which exhibits its art collections in the Hilton Columbus Downtown, Greater Columbus Convention Center and the Authority’s parking garages – owns the largest contemporary collection of artwork created by central Ohio artists. The Greater Columbus Convention Center has the largest collection of any convention center in the nation. The collection is free and open to the public. 

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