December 18, 2019

Taking Stock of 2019 and Looking Toward 2020: Growth as an Arts Center

Growth as an Arts Center

The FCCFA is increasingly recognized not just for its state-of-the-art convention and event venues, but as a center for public art. In 2019, the FCCFA took significant steps forward to expand its arts offerings and support for local artists by holding the city’s first ever Creative Video, Animation and Motion Graphic Design Festival and awards competition and issuing a call for art for the new Hilton Tower.

The arts were front and center as well in the FCCFA’s support for a new citywide ticket fee that went into effect in July. Though the new fee was not without controversy, it is seen as essential to bolstering Columbus’ arts and culture economy and providing for needed improvements to the FCCFA-owned Nationwide Arena.

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