November 19, 2019

Ohio Center Garage Construction Powers Past Mid-Point

Construction on the $21 million Ohio Center Garage has passed the mid-point, with the 650-space structure now a prominent landmark for those traveling south on Third Street, east of the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Last month, the construction team and partners celebrated the “topping out” of the garage, an event marking the completion of the highest point on the structure.

While now recognizable as a garage, Josh Cosgrove, project manager for construction firm Corna Kokosing-Elford, says much work remains before the garage can open to the public in late February.

“All structural concrete is topped out on the six elevated parking decks, plumbing and electrical rough-ins continue to take place, and the lights are being installed from level to level. The main electrical room within the garage has been completed and permanent power is in the process of being tied into the existing Convention Center,” Cosgrove said. “All the underground work is done as well as the landscaping and seeding.”

The asphalt paving was completed at the end of October. Meanwhile, work continues on the main stairway and elevator lobbies. All landings are completed, and the elevator is scheduled for installation this month, Cosgrove says. The main garage entry ramp from Ohio Center Way will be completed shortly, and new sidewalks along Ohio Center Way are also being installed.

“People see the completed structure and wonder why it takes so long before it opens, but there are a lot of things that can’t be seen from the outside that must come together after structural concrete has been completed,” Cosgrove says.

Meanwhile, plans are progressing for the art installations that will adorn the garage, says James Reese of Reese Brothers Productions, the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority’s art curator.

Similar to the tile exhibits found in the Vine Street, Goodale and South Garages, the Ohio Center Garage will display the work of local artists converted digitally to wall tiles, Reese says. Most of the tiles will be converted from art currently displayed in the Convention Center.

One of the distinguishing features of the garage will be its use of an architectural polycarbonate mesh material referred to as “Kaynemaile,” lit by LED lights that can shift colors continually. Inspired by artist and sculptor Ned Kahn, the drapery will hang from the eastern exterior walls, Reese says.

Cosgrove notes that this “Kaynemaile” is in the final stages of the fabrication process and will arrive in mid-December. It will be installed in January pending favorable weather conditions, he says.


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