March 22, 2019

Ohio Center Garage Construction on Schedule

Work continues to go well on the site of the $18 million Ohio Center Garage, a 650-space parking facility on the east side of the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

In our last communication, we discussed the planned replacement of the old Convention Center cooling tower. This work was successfully completed, and neighbors may notice the new cooling tower on top of the loading dock behind Battelle Hall. This cooling tower will be concealed once the new garage has been constructed.

Meanwhile, site crews have been busy shoring up and removing sections of the existing hillside to make room for the new parking garage. Crews have also completed installing the new utilities and storm detention system that will service the new parking garage, and have graded the site in preparation for placement of slabs that will form the garage’s ground level.

Here’s what else to expect in the near future:

  • Over the next couple of weeks, auger cast pile deep foundations will be installed. The auger cast piles are installed with drilling equipment attached to a crane. Neighbors can anticipate a steady flow of concrete trucks while this work occurs.
  • Following the installation of the auger cast pile deep foundations, construction on the shallow concrete foundations will begin. Again, neighbors can anticipate a steady flow of concrete trucks entering and exiting the site while this work occurs.
  • Toward the end of April, a tower crane will be erected on-site to service the garage construction, and the structure will begin to rise vertically.

We continue to remain on schedule to complete the garage in late February 2020, just in time for the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival.

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