April 25, 2017

Let The Countdown Begin

The Convention Authority is on schedule and on budget as it nears the July completion of the Greater Columbus Convention Center’s renovation and expansion. And it’s already winning accolades from community partners who see the project as a boon for the community.

Only three major tasks remain to complete the 22-month, $140 million project, says Don Brown, the Convention Authority’s executive director.

First, construction crews are working to complete the fourth and largest node wall directly across from the newly opened Discovery Café. The node walls contain LED panels whose patterns provide bright backdrops throughout the Convention Center and a place for visitors to sit down and plug in.

A second major task will be completion of the stunning renovations to the South Atrium. Workers will be busy during the next 60 to 90 days replacing a towering glass curtain wall, Brown says.

The third major area still underway is the outside connector area, which allows for visitor pick-ups and drop-offs at the central entrance of the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The Convention Center’s driveway entrance will be completely transformed with new streetscapes, hardscapes, lighting and a large outdoor sculpture by Jun Kaneko.

In the meantime, visitors will notice a dramatic improvement in finishes and spaces, with numerous project areas complete or nearing completion.

On April 23, the Short North Arts District will present the Convention Authority with its Architectural Star Award. The honor notes the impact the Convention Center will have on the gateway into the Short North, citing “impressive architectural additions, streetscape improvements, loads of new parking and a significant investment in over 200 public artworks.”

Brown says the Convention Authority is honored to receive the award and “excited to be nearing the completion of this transformative project. We’re delighted to finish these major improvements on time and on budget, and proud that this major project has progressed while we also hosted over 660 separate client events and meetings.”

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