April 25, 2017

Hilton Columbus Downtown Scores Connie Award Three-Peat

The Hilton Columbus Downtown Hotel has won the Hilton brand’s coveted Connie Award for the third consecutive year.

The Connie, named for the company’s founder Conrad Hilton, is the Hilton brand’s highest honor given to one out of 248 hotels within the Americas Region, which compiles the highest overall combined rankings for loyalty, service, condition and cleanliness.  As only one hotel is recognized annually, the award is highly coveted as the most prestigious within the brand, and the fact that Columbus has won it three times in a row is extraordinary.

“Since opening, the team has been focused on only one goal: simply being the best hotel and employer we can be.  All the credit for this focus, dedication and perseverance belongs to the team, including the FCCFA, Regional Team, and City and County representatives and partners, for being part of this amazing journey,” said Christian Coffin, general manager.

Meanwhile, Coffin was named Leader of the Year for the second year in a row, while Director of Sales and Marketing Julia Hansen was named best sales director. Both awards were for Hiltons with more than 500 rooms.

The Hilton Columbus Downtown also received Hilton’s Service Award and its Genius of the “AND” Award – an honor that is given for a perfect score in each key performance area including financial, market, service, quality and team member engagement.

Earlier this year, Hilton also received the American Automobile Association’s Four-Diamond rating for the fifth year in a row.

The Four-Diamond designation is the second highest rating on a scale of one to five diamonds. The ratings are based on comprehensive, on-site evaluations on a combination of overall quality, range of facilities and level of services offered.

According to AAA, a Four-Diamond hotel must be “refined, stylish with upscale physical attributes, extensive amenities and a high degree of hospitality, service and attention to detail.”

Four-Diamond hotels account for fewer than 6 percent of almost 28,000 hotels that have been designated AAA Approved and Diamond Rated by AAA or the Canadian Automobile Association.

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