December 21, 2016

SMG Employees Take Giving to Others Personally

SMG is considered the “gold standard” in public facility management, not only in delivering excellent service to convention-goers, but in supporting communities in ways that matter. As the facility manager for the Greater Columbus Convention Center, SMG and its employees are proud to be actively engaged in giving back to the community both during the holiday season and throughout the year.

Each December, Convention Center departments go head-to-head in friendly competitions to collect donations of nonperishable canned and dry goods to assist the Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s families in need.

Throughout the year, a weekly Jeans Day benefits a variety of causes, says Jennifer Davis, the Convention Center’s senior marketing and communications manager.

“The Jeans Day promotion is exceedingly popular among the staff,” Davis says. “Each employee wishing to wear jeans instead of business attire on Friday pays $2 for the privilege, with 100 percent of the money collected donated to a different worthy cause each month.” 

Employees are encouraged to suggest a charitable organization dear to their hearts, as well as to identify affiliated activities in which employees can lend their time and talent to augment the monetary collections. 

Each month, Convention Center associates typically are offered one on-site charitable activity to engage in, and one field trip to a nonprofit group – either to assist at the organization’s headquarters or to support a charitable event.

“These activities have included socializing with shelter dogs, sorting items in a food pantry, helping with yard work, landscaping at area service organizations and participating in the local Multiple Sclerosis Walk in honor of family members and a client impacted by MS,” Davis says.

In October, SMG assisted with the annual Central Ohio Homeless Veterans Stand Down event at the Convention Center, in which the community provides homeless veterans with clothing and services. Employees help the Ronald McDonald House by assisting with fundraisers, meal preparation, cleaning and repairs. Convention Center employees also have a long history of assisting in local schools.

Though the holiday season does not last all year, the spirit of giving back is evident year-round at the Convention Center.

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