August 31, 2016

FCCFA displays represent largest collection of Franklin County artists

The Hilton Columbus Downtown. The Greater Columbus Convention Center. The Goodale, Vine Street and South garages. Few people in Columbus would view them as art institutions.

Yet today, the facilities together house the largest contemporary collection of Franklin County artists, according to Michael Reese of Reese Brothers Productions, which is assisting the FCCFA in its ongoing art initiative.

Poised at the gateway to the Short North Arts District, these convention facilities are perfectly positioned to extend Columbus’ vibrant arts community to event- and convention-goers. 

The Hilton Columbus Downtown art collection is comprised of 230 original artworks by 130 artists from central Ohio.

At the Convention Center, works representing 100 artists from throughout central Ohio have been installed as part of the Convention Center’s $125 million renovation and expansion project.  

The FCCFA’s collection also includes 34 art installations in the public garages ranging from graffiti to glass mosaics.  In addition to works by those local artists, students in K-12 with the assistance of artists and art institutions created art murals throughout the Vine Street garage.

While the benefits of raising the visibility of local arts and culture to visitors is obvious, art is also a way to bring local residents into facilities that they may never enter otherwise.

“Most people who live here don’t come in and out of Convention Center,” said Barbara Nicholson, chair of the FCCFA Board’s Art Committee. “Art is a way for them to connect with the convention facility.”

The FCCFA isn’t done. Over the next year, major additions in the way of interactive art installations and exterior sculptures are expected to complement a Convention Center expansion and renovation that will result in a state-of-the-art facility.

Might the FCCFA’s properties someday be part of the Short North’s monthly Gallery Hop? Only time will tell.

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