August 31, 2016

AirConnect links airport with downtown convention facilities

Visitors to Columbus now have a speedy, low-cost way to get from John Glenn Columbus International Airport to downtown convention facilities – and vice versa.

Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) began running its new AirConnect service between downtown and the airport in early May as an alternative to higher priced transportation and freeway gridlock.

“It’s a lot better than other means,” says COTA President and Chief Executive Officer W. Curtis Stitt. “It only costs $2.75 each way, so it’s very economical. It runs every half hour, and especially during rush hour it’s faster than other means because when freeway traffic gets congested, AirConnect is allowed to travel on the shoulder.”

The service arrives at designated stops downtown every 30 minutes, seven days a week. After exiting I-670, AirConnect will drops passengers at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, the Hilton Columbus Downtown and the Hampton Inn & Suites before traveling south to a host of other hotels.

Stitt notes that AirConnect tickets are available at many of Columbus’ downtown hotels, at the airport or – with correct change – on the bus itself.

While the service has only been running for a short time, Stitt says response has been promising.

“We know it will take a while to build ridership, but I’ve ridden it a half dozen times,” he says. “Every person, with one exception, said they heard about AirConnect by reading information in their conference packets. With the help of the FCCFA and Experience Columbus, people visiting Columbus are learning what their options are for coming downtown from the airport.”

Positive comments on the new service are starting to make their way into TripAdvisor reviews of the Hilton.

“The new AirConnect bus service can get you here for a nominal cost,” wrote one visitor.

“The hotel does not offer airport transfer, however AirConnect has a bus stop just outside the hotel which only costs USD $2.75,” wrote another.

Finally, one visitor wrote, “A hassle-free AirConnect bus ride from the airport to the hotel (and enjoyed the ‘free’ C-BUS Circulator bus ride to get around).”

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