August 4, 2016

Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority Selects Levy Restaurants as Convention Center Food and Beverage Partner

The Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority today announced that, subject to final Board approval, it has selected Levy Restaurants to provide food and beverage services at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. 

“Levy Restaurants is the ideal partner to raise the quality of food and beverage service to an even higher level, as sought by the Authority,” stated Sally Bloomfield, Board Chair for the Authority.

Levy Restaurants has a proven track record of success with its existing convention center clients, including these major venues:

  • The Austin Convention Center
  • The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
  • The Los Angeles Convention Center
  • The World Congress Center of Atlanta
  • The Wisconsin Center District in Milwaukee
  • Pittsburgh’s David Lawrence Convention Center
  • America’s Center in St. Louis
  • Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland

“Levy Restaurants already has a well-established reputation in our market, providing all dining services at Value City Arena, OSU Stadium, Huntington Park, and MAPFRE Stadium,” stated Don Brown, the Authority’s Executive Director.  “Levy will also join with the Cameron Mitchell Restaurant Group to drive local and social business to the Greater Columbus Convention Center, and to further amplify Levy’s hospitality solutions here,” Brown stated.

Levy Restaurants offered the best of four highly competitive proposals, which were filed in response to a public procurement process launched by the Authority in May.  “While Levy Restaurants was clearly the Authority’s preferred choice, our Request for Proposals drew excellent responses from three other nationally ranked food and beverage service providers,” said Bloomfield.  Interest in this business opportunity was high.

“The Authority has met its goals of assuring that potential providers were given the best possible opportunity to present their proposals, and of selecting a vendor that fits best at the Greater Columbus Convention Center,” said Bloomfield.   

The Authority has also retained the services of Columbus Hospitality Management to help ensure that clients and prospects are well served during the transition to Levy Restaurants. “Until the transition is complete, and with Columbus Hospitality Management’s help, we will continue to ensure that top-quality food and beverage service is provided at the Greater Columbus Convention Center,” said Brown.

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