May 27, 2016

Hilton Columbus Downtown Named Best Columbus Employer

The Hilton Columbus Downtown has been named Best Columbus Employer with fewer than 500 employees in 614 Magazine’s 2016 reader’s poll.

The Hilton came out on top when the lifestyle publication asked its readers to cast votes in its “ColumBEST” poll to pick the best of everything in the city from burgers to banks. Nearly 1 million votes were cast by more than 31,000 readers, said Editor Travis Hoewischer, noting that The Best Employer votes were culled from write-ins. The Ohio State University was name Best Columbus Employer of more than 500 employees.

“If a hotel wants its guests to feel comfortable and have fun on their short stays, it only stands to reason that they would create an environment that their employees are excited to walk into every day,” 614 wrote about the Hilton.

“Plus, if they really need to rest after a hard day’s work, there’s got to be a nice fluffy bed they could find somewhere.”

The ColumBEST award is just the latest honor in a long string of awards the state-of-the-art hotel has raked in since opening in 2012. Earlier this year, the hotel won Hilton Worldwide’s highest honor, the Connie Award for the second year in a row. Based on a balance of product and outstanding service scores, only one Connie Award is awarded to a hotel with over 500 rooms in all of North, Central and South Americas.

Fittingly, Christian Coffin, the hotel’s general manager, was named Leader of the Year, and the hotel received the top score within the brand for housekeeping cleanliness, an honor it has received every year since opening.

The Hilton Columbus Downtown is an AAA Four Diamond full-service hotel located across High Street from the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The property has 532 guest rooms and 32,000 square feet of event space, and is connected to the Greater Columbus Convention Center by a stunning glass skybridge. 

In fact, even the skybridge has received national accolades. At the August 2015 dedication of the skybridge, which opened along with the hotel in 2012, the American Institute of Steel Construction presented partners in its design and construction with the organization’s coveted 2015 IDEAS2 Award.

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