May 26, 2016

Stakeholders give FCCFA high marks for stewardship, contributions to economy

A wide range of community members, partners and customers say the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority is doing a good job fulfilling its responsibilities.

That’s the result of a survey that asked almost 500 stakeholders in early April about their awareness of FCCFA’s activities and the organization’s effectiveness. 

“It’s important for any organization, whether it’s a company, a nonprofit or a government agency to periodically ask customers and others ‘how are we doing?'” explained FCCFA Executive Director Don Brown.

“This survey gives us a baseline of opinion that will help us improve our communications and services to those who have a stake in our success.”

Respondents included civic leaders, convention and visitors bureau managers, hotel and lodging professionals, meeting planners, Greater Columbus Convention Center customers, business groups and leaders, partners and leaders in the arts.

The FCCFA is a unique government unit responsible for developing, building and operating convention facilities here in Columbus. While the results of the survey are generally positive, they also offer some opportunities for further discussion.

A majority of survey respondents said the FCCFA is doing a good job of developing, building and operating convention and parking facilities, and nearly two-thirds said it is doing a good job in its use of countywide and citywide hotel and occupancy taxes. Those taxes, which are paid by visitors to the city, help in the operations and improvement of FCCFA-owned facilities.

More than 60 percent of respondents said parking facilities are convenient, safe and clean, but hinted that parking could be easier to find and more affordable. They also had generally favorable opinions of other FCCFA facilities, singling out the Hilton and Nationwide Arena for praise. While favorable ratings for the Convention Center were somewhat lower, perceptions should rise appreciably with completion of a $125 million renovation and expansion next year.

Because central Ohio conventions, meetings and events generate more than $7 billion in spending each year, it was encouraging to find that nearly 90 percent of survey respondents said the FCCFA makes a “big difference” in contributing to the central Ohio economy.

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