March 10, 2016

What March Brings…

The excitement won’t die down as March continues to unfold. Three events alone will bring a combined 70,000-plus visitors through Greater Columbus Convention Center doors, including two of today’s most high-profile individuals. Kicking it off is The Ohio Democratic Party on March 13 when the pre-election buzz includes a visit from presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Clinton and Sanders are both scheduled to attend the 2016 Legacy Dinner of the Ohio Democratic Party on March 13. The party expects about 2,000 attendees.

Just two days before final voting in the Ohio primary, this is perhaps one of the most significant campaign appearances since Republican candidate Donald Trump launched his Midwest campaign at the Convention Center last November.

Days later, The Shamrock Club of Columbus returns to the Battelle Grand Ballroom of the Convention Center for its Irish Family reunion, a daylong celebration of Irish folk music, food, drink and dancing. Of course, it’s on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, with doors opening at noon and events starting at 1 p.m.

On stage, the entertainment will include the Regan-Rankin and Richens-Timm Irish Dance Schools, with authentic Irish performances from the Ladies of Longford and The Rice Brothers.

See the Shamrock Club website,, for tickets and other details.

Closing out the month with a favorite to many, is the Columbus International Auto Show in the Exhibit Hall, March 17-20, featuring new models and technologies.

“The Convention Center, with its angular architecture and extensive upgrades, is a wonderful place to show off the new products and technology advancements in an exciting and upscale environment, whether that’s the latest sound systems or sensor systems for passing and automatic braking,” said Rhett Ricart, an FCCFA board member. Ricart is also president and CEO of the event sponsor, Ricart Automotive Group.

Huntington Bank, celebrating 150 years of history, is also proud to sponsor the Auto Show for the ninth consecutive year. “With interest rates low and trade-in values high, it could be the eighth year in a row of expansion for the auto industry,” said James Kunk, president of Huntington’s Central Ohio Region and another FCCFA board member.

See The Columbus International Auto Show website,,  for tickets and other details.

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