November 23, 2015

Greater Columbus Convention Center Hosts Veterans Stand Down

More than 500 veterans in need, many homeless, descended on the Greater Columbus Convention Center October 20 to take advantage of supplies and services provided as part of Central Ohio Homeless Veterans Stand Down event.

Stand Down provides homeless veterans with food, clothing, boots and a variety of services including legal services, haircuts and flu shots. The 225 volunteers and 70 agency service providers gave 126 haircuts, more than 500 items of clothing, 550 pairs of boots, 336 medical checkups, and 54 veterans sat down for one-on-one legal counseling.

It was the Convention Center’s first time hosting the annual event, which for many years was held at Veterans Memorial. Sponsors held the event outdoors at Huntington Park last year, after Veterans Memorial was torn down.

Holding the event at the Convention Center allowed sponsors to double the space that was available last year and provided a comfortable indoor environment for those who served in the armed forces.

“We’re hopeful that this is the first of many years that the Convention Center will be able to host Stand Down,” said Sally Bloomfield, FCCFA board chair.

“We consider it an honor to be able to assist the veterans whose sacrifices we all have benefited from.”

A nationwide initiative, Stand Down is coordinated between local Veterans Administration Medical Centers, other government agencies and local homeless service providers.

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