August 26, 2015

Columbus, AmericanHort, Good Fit for Each Other

In July, AmericanHort’s annual convention and exhibition drew some 10,000 attendees and exhibitors to Columbus from the United States, Canada, Mexico and 20 other countries. Its “Cultivate’15” event July 11-14, which was the largest industry event of its type in North America, took up the entire Greater Columbus Convention Center. This marked the 18th straight year that AmericanHort or a predecessor organization has held a convention here.

“There’s great support from the hospitality community and the city itself,” says AmericanHort President and CEO Michael V. Geary. “Columbus is also affordable compared to hotel rates, food and beverage rates in other cities. And our attendees say they like coming to Columbus because they find it friendly, safe and clean.”

The association for everything related to the plant industry supports nearly 16,000 member and affiliated businesses while keeping its administrative headquarters in Columbus. That has meant good things for the city, including the benefits that accrue each time AmericanHort holds its annual convention here.

“In addition to the significant delegate spending attendees and exhibitors bring, AmericanHort leaders have been great partners,” explains Jennifer Davis, Marketing and Communications Manager for the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

“They’ve supported the building of the Hilton Columbus Downtown and the expansion and renovation of the Convention Center over the years. They’ve also joined the Columbus delegation at major trade shows to promote our city to event planners as an attractive destination.”

Besides the support available in Columbus for large events such as AmericanHort, Geary says Columbus offers a bevy of entertainment options and offers amenities related to the horticulture industry such as Franklin Park Conservatory, parks and gardens, and plant research facilities at Ohio State. He says the planned $125 million Convention Center expansion and renovation project that will kick off later this year will be a plus as AmericanHort continues its own growth.

“It’s going to add to the ability of us to grow our event,” he says.

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