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Brian Becher

I have been working with glass for the last twelve years. In that time I have explored many directions and techniques in regards to the creation of my work. In all of my works I try to create a synthesis between an age old tradition and modernistic appeal. The color palette that I work with is primarily modern while the forms are classical in nature. In all of my works I strive to achieve a balance between line, form an color to achieve a universal sense of beauty. Patterns have become one of my primary interest, patterns much like those found on textiles or baskets. In the Color Weave Series I build up the color with the use of glass rods, layer by layer. Each layer is manipulated as it is built. Subsequent layers are added and treated in a similar was thus creating an inner woven network of lines and color. This allow an infinite number of designs to be created and an extremely dramatic finished work.

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