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Timothy P. Brown

After graduating from Columbus college of Art and Design I took a job with Welding Consultants, Inc. in Columbus Ohio.Working in the metal testing lab I had the chance to start collecting scraps from test projects we had completed, this included everything from gas pipes, large bolts and hooks to tensile bars and broken tools. I kept pieces and parts that I thought were interesting not really having a specific vision, I just stock piled them for future inspiration. Since art school I had been focusing on the figure as it was my first inspiration for sculpture but I had always been a big fan of Franz Kline and Julio Gonzalez and Edgar Degas and the way they assembled shapes, objects and lines. When I clocked out of work from the test lab I would stay late at work and began assembling little designs with the scraps. I started small and then gradually worked larger, enjoying the freedom of abstraction. I felt these works were abstract but still had the essence of the figure. I think these works are important because the pieces and parts represent the technology of our present day industrial age.

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