The Outsiders

When creating any still life composition, my favorite part is pulling together seemingly unrelated objects and letting the story evolve on its own. I feel I have been most successful when the end result leaves open numerous possibilities for interpretation for me as much as for any viewer who may stop for a moment to take in the scene. In S.E. Hinton’s novel, The Outsiders, she brought together a colorful cast of characters to illuminate a striking and beautiful coming of age story. In the context of the Convention Center expansion, I like to think of this piece as bringing a spotlight of celebration onto all who come together to make Columbus a star.

Convention Center

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Jason Morgan

Jason has worked as a self-taught Ohio artist for over 20 years. He paints in acrylic, typically on canvas, using a dry brush technique. Jason’s large-scale murals appear in several southwest Ohio communities and his still lifes and portraits are collected by individuals and institutions throughout the US.

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