Milky Way

Oleksii Koval is a Ukrainian artist who works in hot enamel technique. After visiting Columbus, Chicago, and throughout the United State in 2018 he created the art work titled “Milky Way” like a place of power by which he was inspired.

Oleksii Koval transfers the “place of power” he has seen and experienced on his panels, trying to hold on and reinforce their energetic influence, in order to give the spectator the joy of feeling himself a part of something greater — humanity, space, eternity”

Every day and every moment we face many holistic words – countries, nature and its elements, humans or drops of water with their micro and macro cosmoses. These words are interesting and impressive.

I open these words for myself and tell about them by the language of my own visual images using my favorite technique.

From 2009 I productively worked in hot enamel technique using different materials: silver, copper, bronze and gems. Inspired by different themes I create series of works united by common ideas and at this moment my collection of enamels counts about eighty pieces.” Artist Oleksii Koval

Convention Center

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oleksii koval
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