Magnificent Mile

Plein air painting is immediate, and I thrive on it. Each work is an improvisational performance. Changes in weather and light, the arrival of curious onlookers and time itself all present challenges. But pressure yields unexpected results.-Each performance is recorded in fresh, energetic and, at times, unconventional brushstrokes that convey what I see, and what I experience.

Hilton Downtown

Visit Hilton Downtown Columbus.

Joseph Lombardo

Joseph Lombardo is an accomplished plein air painter and painting instructor. He received a MFA in painting from Bowling Green State University and studied landscape painting at the Burren College of Art in Ireland. Lombardo is a two-time ‘Best in Show’ winner at the Ohio Plein Air Competition. He has served as Artist In Residence at Buffalo National River, Hot Springs National Park, and at the Glen Arbor Art Association. Lombardo teaches plein air painting workshops internationally.

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