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Doug Titchenal

My artistic adventure began with dog walks and a digital camera, which helped me discover beauty in the everyday world, and capture it in photographs that revealed more than my eye could see. I still shoot photos every day, and some of my best work is my photographs highlighting textures in nature and the shadows and light that change as a day progresses. Eventually, I combined my love of taking photographs with my fascination with the mathematics of ordinary time to create colorful mixed-media pictographs that are beautiful, useful, and fun. Our lives run “by the numbers,” but we never really “see” them. In my art, I’m exploring imaginative ways to visualize the numbers in our lives-the minutes in a day, the days in a year. Fashioned of photographs, dots, and geometric shapes, my abstract “timescapes” personify something so familiar that we most often take it entirely for granted. I believe these fanciful clocks and calendars, which you can actually count out exactly, allow viewers to experience the kind of beauty that most people never see in numbers, except, perhaps, in numbers like those in one of my favorite pieces, which represents the 10,000 days of my happy marriage.

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