Connection III

Hilton Downtown

Visit Hilton Downtown Columbus.

Farnoosh Lanjani

Creating art is an interactive process that transforms the invisible into visible. This transformation slowly emerges on an empty canvas, where the interplay of color and light convey the deepest thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that people share. Underlying this process is the spiritual side of art, which intrigues me most. Specifically, the many ways that people can transform themselves is not only wonderful and inspiring, but relies on spiritual capacities and virtues. -Many of these ways are expressed in my art. Dream, Connection, Reader, and the themes of music, dance meditation, and prayer show special ways or situations where change or transformation can occur. Like the process of creating art, the ways that people can transform or recreate themselves is not only unlimited, but a source of happiness and power. Providing an opportunity for people to interact with art that encourages these transformational sensibilities is an ongoing goal and source of inspiration for me.

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