In the Shadow of its Braches

In my work I am often inspired by the intricate details of flowers and nature.

And, I didn’t have to look far to find inspiration for this piece in my hometown. Throughout

Columbus, in our urban parks and suburbs, we are surrounded by the magnificent beauty of

trees. The simplistic beauty of leaves gracefully brings us from the dead of winter into Spring,

Summer and finally to the magnificent colors of fall.

Convention Center

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Terri Albanese

Glass artist Terri Albanese formally trained at the Columbus College of Art and Design, earning a BFA in graphic design. After finding inspiration in the ancient mosaics of Italy, Albanese decided to further her education at the Miami Mosaic Academy in Florida. Incorporating both her artistic and artisanal training, Albanese embarked on a creative project of painting with glass. Her pieces are both aesthetically and conceptually driven, with an emphasis on narrative. Albanese is particularly interested in the public’s desire to touch her work even though it is made from a material that is conventionally sharp and dangerous. Albanese encourages her viewers to touch her glass paintings since it allows them to become pulled farther into the art. Albanese’s paintings can be found in personal and corporate collections throughout the United States, Hong Kong and Israel.

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